Bundesvision: Will Not Take Place in 2016

Bundesvision opening
Bundesvision is not taking place in 2016

ProSieben has confirmed that the Bundesvision Song Contest will not be held in 2016.

The announcement follows months of silence around the contest which was first held in 2005. The contest has still not been officially cancelled, however it appears unlikely to return to screens anytime soon. Last years contest which was held in Bremen on August 29 was one of the last television appearances for the shows creator Stefan Raab who retired at the end of 2015.

Among the winners of the contest were well-known names such as Mark Forster (2015), Bosse (2013) and Unheilig (2010). The most successful Bundesland in the contest was Berlin who won the contest three times, scoring a total of 1035 points. Saarland however were the least successful scoring just 328 points.

The Bundesvision Song Contest was created in 2005 by Stefan Raab following the format of the Eurovision Song Contest. Annually from 2005 to 2015 the contest brought together well-known and unknown bands from the 16 Bundesland from across Germany. The competition was broadcast annually on ProSeiben and received good ratings.

Source: Wunschliste

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