Call For Participating Countries Made for ABU TV Song Festival 2018

The Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union has made an open call for broadcasters to apply to participate in the ABU TV Song Festival 2018 in Turkmenistan.

Up to 15 countries will be able to take part in this years ABU TV Song Festival, as the ABU makes an open call for participating broadcasters. The ABU TV Song Festival is travelling to Central Asia for the first time, with Turkmenistan following on from China as the host nation of this years TV Song Festival.

Interested broadcasters have until February 28th to submit the preliminary paperwork to the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union. Once this paperwork has been submitted, the broadcasters taking part in the show have until June to confirm the singer or singers who will represent them on stage in Ashgabat.

This years TV Song Festival is being hosted by¬†Television, Radio and Cinematography Turkmenistan (TVTM), with assistance from the South Korean broadcaster, KBS. The countries that are selected to take part in the festival will ” reflect geographical balance and the cultural diversity of the Asia-Pacific region.” Furthermore all of the performers must sing in their national language and showcase their nations culture.

The ABU TV Song Festival 2018 will be held on October 2 in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan.

Source: ABU

Since 2012 the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union has organised a non-competitive festival highlighting the talents of its member nations. Countries such as Afghanistan, Brunei, China and the Maldives have participated in the event, showcasing the best of their talented music industry. Songs taking part in the event can be the singers own or a cover. The event is planned to eventually be turned into a competitive contest.
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