Macau: Kyla Teams Up With Filipe King

Kyla who represented Macau at the ABU TV Song Festival 2015 has released a single with Filipe King. The single which is titled “Zhàohuàn shù” (Summon) is a change of style from the singer who represented Macau in Istanbul. Kyla features in the single alongside the Macanese rapper Filipe King. In Istanbul Kyla performed the

Macau: Josie Ho – Interview

In the second of our interviews ahead of the 2016 ABU Radio Song Festival we had off to Macau and meet this years participant Josie Ho. Josie is the first artist from Macau to participate in the festival and sees it as a huge opportunity for the future. Firstly thank you very much for talking

Macau: Kyla – Interview

Ahead of the 4th ABU TV Song Festival in Istanbul, Turkey we caught up with this years Macanese representative at the competition Kyla. Kyla will be one the second singer from Macau to have participated in the ABU TV Song Festival. Firstly thank you very much for talking to us, the TV Song Festival is