Slavianski Bazaar 2017 Participants Revealed

The full list of participants in Slavianski Bazaar 2017 have been released, including two past Eurovision participants. The singers from across the world who will be competing in the International Pop Song Performer’s Contest and the International Children’s Music Contest have been revealed. Among the participants who have been revealed are two former Eurovision participants.

Lithuania: Paulina Paulauskaitė Selected For Slavianski Bazaar 2017

Lithuania has selected Paulina Paulauskaitė to represent them in the International Pop Song Performers Contest at Slavianski Bazaar 2017. Last weekend saw Lithuania select their participants for the 26th edition of Slavianski Bazaar in Vibetsk, Belarus. The Lithuanian selection process was tight in both the International Pop Song Performers Contest and the Children’s Contest. In the

Lithuania: Selects For Slavianski Bazaar Today

Today Lithuania will become the latest country to select their participants in Slavianski Bazaar 2017. Lithuania will select their participants for this years Slavianski Bazaar, with the selection taking place at the “Bona Familiar” Production Centre. Lithuania is the first of the Baltic states to hold their selection process for this years competition, with Estonia