Friesland: Liet 2016 Finalists Announced

The finalists in Friesland’s search for their entry for Liet International 2016 have been announced. Eleven acts were selected to go through to the live final of Liet 2016 in September. 10 of the acts were selected by a jury, with Held op sokken being selected as the wildcard 11th finalist. Liet 2016 will be the

Friesland: Liet 2016 Submissions Open

The submissions window for songs for Liet 2016 has opened today in Friesland. The contest which has been held annually since 1991 and is a song contest for Frisian languages performers. The winner of the contest goes on to represent the region at the Liet International Contest. Last years winners of the contest Marit & Nigel

Today: Final of Liet 2015

Today is the final of Liet 2015, it is the 25th edition of the song contest in Friesland with the winner going on to represent Friesland at Suns Europe. The final is live from 13:00 CET and lasts 3 hours, the show will see 9 singers performing whilst throughout the show there will be a look