Nogai: “Tuvgan erym” Song For Turkvizyon 2015

“Tuvgan erym” has been revealed as the song that will be performed by Islam Satyrov. The song “Tuvgan erym” (Тувган ерым) translates as “Native Land” and was specifically written for the Turkvizyon Song Contest. Islam was born in Kayasula in Stavropol Krai but currently lives in the regions seventh largest city Mineralnye Vody. The song has not

Nogai: İslam Satırov To Turkvizyon 2015

İslam Satırov (Ислам Сатыров) has been internally selected to represent the Nogai of Russia at the Turkvizyon Song Contest 2015. İslam first began singing at the age of 5 and was encouraged to play musical instruments by his father. While the song that he will sing on stage in Istanbul has not been announced, it has

Nogai: Debut In Turkvizyon 2015

After revealing their participant for Bala Turkvizyon 2015, Nogai has now confirmed that they will participate in Turkvizyon 2015. The Nogais are a Mongolian ethnic group who live in Southern Europe but mainly the Caucuses region of Russia, there are estimated to be around 120,000 Nogai living in Russia and the surrounding countries. A selection