Khakassia: Irenek Khan Participate in Novaya Zvezda

Ethno-rock group Irenek Khan will represent Khakassia in the third series of Novaya Zvezda (New Star). Irenek Khan who were selected to represent Khakassia at the Turkvision Song Contest 2016 are now competing in Novaya Zvezda. Novaya Zvezda sees one-act or singer representing each region of the Russian Federation, competing weekly over a number of

Kyrgyzstan: National Selection Planned For 2017

It appears that Kyrgyzstan is planning once again to hold a televised selection process to select their entrant for the Turkvision Song Contest in 2017. Kyrgyzstan looks likely to be holding a televised selection process again in 2017 to select their participant for the Turkvision Song Contest. Tamadalar Group posted on their Facebook wall about