Slavianski Bazaar 2017 Participants Revealed

The full list of participants in Slavianski Bazaar 2017 have been released, including two past Eurovision participants. The singers from across the world who will be competing in the International Pop Song Performer’s Contest and the International Children’s Music Contest have been revealed. Among the participants who have been revealed are two former Eurovision participants.

New Wave Junior 2017 Participants Announced

The participants in New Wave Junior 2017 have been announced, with singers from ten countries competing this year. The auditions round for New Wave Junior 2017 were held over the weekend in Moscow, with eleven singers being selected to compete in this years competition. This years competition sees the debut of France and Bosnia &

Israel: Selects Artists for Slavianski Bazaar

Israel has selected its two singers for Slavianski Bazaar this July in Vibetsk, Belarus. A total of 17 artists took part in an audition round in the country to select their participants for this years event. Israel are being represented by Anna Timofei (22) and Alisa Plotkin (11). The two singers were selected by a jury made