China: Reveals Their ABU Radio Song Festival 2016 Entries

Chinese entries revealed
Chinese entries revealed

China has revealed the two songs they wish to participate with in the ABU Radio Song Festival 2016 in April.

The songs were placed online today by the Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union and bring the number of songs wishing to participate in the event this year to 14. The singers and songs are as follows:

  • Wang Yi, Zhang Yingying, Ren Yanmin, Zhenmin, Hua Shukai – Youth Never Ends
  • China Broadcasting Children’s Chorus – Singing in the drizzling rain

The first song is entirely performed by presenters and hosts of shows on China National Radio. The music for the song was written by Jin Zhiwen, while the message of the song is about the desire for youth and memories of childhood. “Singing in the drizzling rain” was written to mark the 70th anniversary of China National Radio and is performed by the oldest children’s choir in China.

Listen to the songs here.

Source: ABU

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