Cornwall: Kan Rag Kernow 2016 Finalists Announced

Final this Friday
Final this Friday

The five artists and groups hoping to represent Cornwall at the 2016 Pan Celtic Song Contest have been announced by the organisers.

Kan Rag Kernow is the Cornish selection process for the Pan Celtic Song Contest and will take place this Friday. The five hopefuls will all be performing songs in the Cornish language with the winner being selected by a jury. The five hopefuls are:

  • The Swaggers
  • St Austell Harpist
  • Elizabeth Sidebotham
  • Goslowes
  • The Grenaways and Seafolk

Cornwall are the second most successful region in the contest with a total of 14 wins and head into the Pan Celtic Song Contest are the defending champions.

Source: Kan Rag Kernow

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