Crimea: Elvira Sarihalil Talks About Jamala’s Eurovision Victory

Elvira Sarihalil
Elvira has spoken of the importance of preserving Crimean Tatars culture

Elvira Sarihalil who represented Crimea at the 1st Turkvizyon Song Contest has talked about the impact of Jamala’s Eurovision 2016 victory.

Elvira Sarihalil the first Crimean Tatar to participate in the Turkvizyon Song Contest has spoken about the importance of Jamala’s victory in the Eurovision Song Contest. Jamala won the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest with the song “1944” which told the story of Crimean Tatars being deported by Soviet Authorities in the 1940s.

In the interview with, Elvira talked about the importance of people learning about the Crimean Tatars. She stated that:

All are happy that she represents our people, and that the country and more people learn about our culture. People have little knowledge of the history of the peoples of Ukraine, including our own. I lived ten years in Kharkov, and I was constantly asked what are the Crimean Tatars. I had to explain that our nation is not related to the Mongols. I think, many years, even centuries of propaganda makes itself felt, and as a result the nation was in a difficult situation, has experienced several waves of repression, the first of which took place in the days of Catherine.

Elvira has also spoken about how it is key for the Ukrainian authorities and Russian authorities to preserve the culture of Crimean Tatars. The preservation of the Crimean culture is not only a struggle within Crimea but also in Ukraine due to assimilation.


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