Crimea: National Final Date Moved To October 25

Crimea National Final On October 25

Crimea will select their participant for Turkvizyon 2015 on October 25 instead of the previously announced date of October 17.

The news was confirmed by TRK Millet (ТРК Миллет) the new Crimean broadcaster in charge of the regions participation in the competition. A call for applications to take part in the competition is on going, in their promotional material the channel says:

Another life! The world of high society! These are your steps to fame and popularity. After them, you will discover large horizons and incredible opportunities. Big stage, bright decorations, work with real professionals !!! “TURKVIZION” – this is your chance to become a star! Your ticket to a successful future! If you are over 16 years old and you possess bright vocal – you to us !!! Submit an application to the casting and become closer to his dream.

To submit your application contact the following numbers; +7 978 743 63 84 or +7 978 714 63 97, you can also email:

The national final will be being broadcast from 18:00 local time from the Crimean Tatar Musical Theatre.

Source: TRK Millet

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