Crimea: Turkvizyon 2016 Participation Confirmed

The Crimean broadcaster behind the regions Turkvizyon participation has confirmed that they will participate in Turkvizyon 2016.

TRK Millet which was formed a year ago catering to the Crimean Tatar population in Crimea will participate in Turkvizyon 2016. Crimea will be returning to the contest this year having been forced to take a year away from the contest in 2015. Crimea alongside 10 other regions in the Russian Federation were forced to withdraw from the contest following a deterioration in relations between Russia and Turkey.

Crimea has not announced how they will be selecting their participant for Turkvizyon 2016, however it is expected to be a televised selection process. Last year Crimea selected Safiie Denishaeva to represent the region in Istanbul, Turkey with the song “Aqın Dostlar”. To date Crimea’s best result came in 2014 when Darina Siniçkina finished sixth in the final with “Gider isen”, watch her performance below:

Source: TRK Millet

The Turkvizyon Song Contest was first held in 2013 in the Turkish city of Eskişehir. The contest which is open to Turkic nations and regions such as Turkey, Kazakhstan and Yakutia. The contest follows a similar format to the Eurovision Song Contest, with songs limited to being 4 minutes long. To date Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan have won the contest.
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