Denmark: Britt Eilskov To Participate in DanskPop Talent 2017

Britt Eilskov will be one of a number of singers competing in the third series of DanskPop Talent, which gets underway later this month.

As DanskPop Talent returns for a third series, Swedish songwriters Ylva & Linda have embarked on a new journey as they take Britt Eilskov into DanskPop Talent 2017. Ylva & Linda who have had a number of songs compete in numerous Eurovision selections, as well as having written the inaugural Swedish entry in the Turkvision Song Contest, are Britt’s competing song “Dit liv”. Also contributing to the song are; lyricist Tanya Thorup Nielsen and Swedish producers and mixers Niklas Bergqvist and Simon Johansson.

Britt Eilskov started singing when she was 7 years old and has been an artist ever since. After high school she went to Malmö Sweden Music Academy and worked as an entertainer around the world and returned to Denmark to work as a musical artist. 2012 she released an album featuring German schlager songs and now she is back to singing in Danish. Ylva and Linda added that;

She’s really looking forward to DanskPop Talent this autumn and the song is a perfect match of what Britt things about life itself.

The songwriting sisters went on to say;

The song Dit liv is a feel-good-song about taking control and responsibility of the course of your life and for your own happiness. We hope that Dit Liv will inspire people to do more of the things they love and change what they don’t love, step by step. The song has had a lot of great response on Youtube and we really hope to reach the final of DanskPOP Talent.

DanskPop Talent will be broadcast every Saturday night from September 30, through to the Grand Final on January 20 in Horsens. You can follow the show live via dk4, with the winner of the competition to be decided by both the public and a jury.

Source: Ylva & Linda

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