Estonia: Slavianski Bazaar 2017 Selection on February 19

Estonia will select their two participants in Slavianski Bazaar 2017 on February 19 in the countries capital, Tallinn.

Estonia has made a call for participants in the countries selection process for Slavianski Bazaar 2017. The country is looking for one singer in the children’s contest and one singer to compete in the International Pop Song Performers category.

The participants in the national selection will be asked to perform one song in Estonia, and then a World Hit. The jury will award the participants on a 10 points system, with the winner of the selection being the singer who receives the highest jury points. In the event of a tie the jury will vote again.

Estonia has a poor record in Slavianski Bazaar having never finished within the top.4 in the International Pop Song Performers Contest in Vibetsk. In 2016 they were represented by Alisa Gaychonok at the Children’s Contest, they did not have a participant in the International Pop Song Performers Contest.

Estonia alongside Moldova and Belarus are the only countries so far to have publicly announced their search for their entrants in Slavianski Bazaar 2017.


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