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4 thoughts on “Eurovision America Being Considered by the EBU”

  1. In my opinion, Eurovision America might be better if it was for all counteries in the Americas, not only for the United States. The United States should compete as one country.

  2. Americas must have very own song contest – Americavision Song Contest. The contest would consists Northern, Central and Southern American countries, including the US and Canada as single countries. Entries are sung in national languages and genre must be diverse. Americavision Song Contest would consists several age categories: Standard = general adult artists; U18 = teenage artists below 18 years; U13 = child artists below 13 years. Age categories are intended to give age-appropriated contents to right audiences. The system is nearly similar with Eurovision, but adapted for markets in Americas, voting system would use professional juries and emphasizes quality instead of point.

    1. Great idea, Anindya! I was thinkinh the same. Probably this one they are presenting should be a national selection for the United States instead. They should give chance to other countries within the Americas.

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