Eurovision Asia: Contest Still A Work In Progress

The Managing Director of SBS Michael Ebeid has confirmed that the Eurovision Song Contest for the Asia-Pacific region is still a work in progress.

Speaking to TV Tonight Mr Ebeid confirmed that development on the contest is still ongoing. The contest which was announced in March is expected to see around 20 countries compete in the Asian spin-off of the 61-year-old Eurovision Song Contest which is held annually in Europe. The contest would be the first time that a Eurovision spin-off has been successfully held outside of Europe.

Mr Ebeid stated that SBS is currently talking to around 12 countries about participating in the first contest adding that it is “a big and ambitious plan”. He stated that getting everyone on board to participate is not straight forward.  He added that:

We’ve had great support from the government writing letters of support to other various governments to encourage their public broadcasters to get involved. So we’re a little way off making any sort of announcement on that. It’s still very much a work in progress, I’m afraid.

The Managing Director of SBS went on to state that he wished that SBS had been able to announce the contest in their 2017 broadcasting reveal last week. However he made it clear that the contest is “very much a work in progress”. The contest had previously been planned to be held during the first half of 2017.

The following countries have either confirmed their participation or shown an interest in participating:

  • Australia (Confirmed)
  • China (Possible Steering Group Member)
  • Japan (Possible Steering Group Member)
  • South Korea (Possible Steering Group Member)

The contest is expected to go in direct competition with the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union backed contest the “ABU Asia-Pacific Song Contest”. The contest was confirmed last month as being held for the first time in 2017 and is being produced by Hunan Television alongside the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union.

Source: TV Tonight

2 replies on “ Eurovision Asia: Contest Still A Work In Progress ”
  1. It seems to me that ABU has been quicklier than SBS.

    SBS left ABU to create Eurovisión Asia but the Asia-Pacífic broadcasting union has already revealed the aproximated dates and the host place for their competitive song contest.
    SBS is late and if I were them, I would join the ABU Asia-Pacífic Song Contest.

    1. if i’m not mistaken the ABU-backed show will be on october, while the one SBS is planning theirs on march. i’m pretty sure they will stick to their original tentative date.

      frankly, i don’t see why it’s taking SBS so long to plan this… aren’t they going to use the same exact format as the original show? there’s not too much to figure out apart from wooing interested broadcasters.

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