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2 thoughts on “Eurovision Asia: Contest Still A Work In Progress”

  1. It seems to me that ABU has been quicklier than SBS.

    SBS left ABU to create Eurovisión Asia but the Asia-Pacífic broadcasting union has already revealed the aproximated dates and the host place for their competitive song contest.
    SBS is late and if I were them, I would join the ABU Asia-Pacífic Song Contest.

    1. if i’m not mistaken the ABU-backed show will be on october, while the one SBS is planning theirs on march. i’m pretty sure they will stick to their original tentative date.

      frankly, i don’t see why it’s taking SBS so long to plan this… aren’t they going to use the same exact format as the original show? there’s not too much to figure out apart from wooing interested broadcasters.

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