Following the announcement of the Eurovision Asia Song Contest, question have arisen about why the contest isn’t called Asiavision. We’re here to explain why.

Asiavision would appear to be a logical name for the Eurovision Song Contest’s Asian relative, however instead it has been named Eurovision Asia. Why? Asiavision is already the name of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union’s news service. The service has been offered by the ABU since the 1980s and offers news packages to 34 member broadcasters ranging from Afghanistan to Myanmar and Uzbekistan.

Disputes regarding the naming of an Asian alternative to the Eurovision Song Contest have occurred in the past. A previously planned contest which would have been operated by the EBU and the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union was to be called the Asiavision Song Contest. However the planned contest was forced to change names to “Our Sound – The Asia Pacific Song Contest” at the request of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union when the ABU pulled out of supporting the venture.