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1 thought on “Eurovision Asia Song Contest to be Held in October?”

  1. There’s plenty of time left for the confirmed countries to prepare for Eurovision Asia. Anyway, here’s my current wish list for the contest:

    * Australia – Bella Paige (only if the minimum age is 16)
    * China – Qi Wei
    * Hong Kong – Faye Wong
    * Japan – EXILE (Atsushi and Takahiro are just amazing!!!)
    * Kazakhstan – Makpal Isabekova
    * Maldives – Unoosha
    * New Zealand – Lorde
    * Papua New Guinea – Emi Maria
    * Singapore – Taufik Batisah
    * South Korea – Hyuna (she was from 4Minute)
    * Vanuatu – Vanessa Quai

    Can’t think of anyone for Solomon Islands! 🙁

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