Eurovision Goes Global: “The Americavision Song Contest”

Eurovision for the United States
Eurovision for the United States

In a series looking a the spin-off shows based on the Eurovision Song Contest, we take you around the world looking at the events that never made it to television screens. The first in the series looks at a planned Eurovision style event in the United States.

In the past two weeks we’ve seen news emerge that discussions are underway for a Eurovision style contest in the United States. The contest according to recent reports would be part of a larger Worldvision Song Contest bringing together participants from Eurovision, Asiavision and the Americavision Song Contests. However this isn’t the first time that a Eurovision spin-off for the United States has been discussed.

Back in 2006 ahead of the 51st edition of the Eurovision Song Contest in Athens, Greece it was announced that NBC had secured the rights to a Eurovision Song Contest for the United States. The premise of the contest was simple bring singers from all of the 50 states of the United States of America plus the District of Columbia together to find the best singer in the United States. The contest was announced as a response to the ratings hit “American Idol” run by FOX.

How would the contest have worked?

Each state would have held online selection processes to select their singer. Amateur and professional singers would be able to put themselves forward to represent their state. The representative for each state would be selected by internet voting, with the winner going through to the televised show. It was not announced whether all 50 states would go straight into a final or through a series of shows. At the end of the contest the winner would receive a recording contract and will see their single produced and released by a major record label. The winner would be determined by 100% public voting, how this would occur was not announced.

Justin Timberlake performed as an interval act

What happened to it?

After the initial media reports in February 2006 talk about the contest dried up. The Production company Reveille now known as Endemol Shine North America released no further information about the contest. Reports continued on the contest from various media outlets about the contest including Metro who reported the contest would be a multi-week event. Furthermore Slate reported that discussions at the time were on going regarding a Canadian spin-off.

Will Americavision make it to screens?

As stated earlier discussions are underway again regarding the potential for an American spin-off contest. However as it stands nothing concrete has been agreed. The only major change since 2006 regarding the possibility of the contest being broadcast was the first live broadcast of the final in the United States this year. Logo TV a LGBT focused channel owned by Viacom broadcast the final this year live with commentators, however the broadcast was only watched by 52,000 viewers.

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8 replies on “ Eurovision Goes Global: “The Americavision Song Contest” ”
  1. 52,000 viewers in a country with over 300 000 000 people. LOL! Ok, I know that Eurovision probably isn’t much known in the USA, but I just found that a bit funny when most other countries with much smaller population has higher viewing figures. :3

  2. Yeah, see, Logo is a very specific channels. If there would have been sufficient amounts of advertising and if it was broadcast on a public channel or even something just a little more standard there could have been better viewership. And it’s a shame views were so low because our commentators were very professional and polite.

  3. Americas must held Eurovision-styled song contest(s) soon. They would have several song contests for each continent/region. North America would have Amcavision Song Contest, consists of states in the US and provinces in Canada. Then Caribbean would have Caribvision Song Contest which as the reincarnation of All of One Caribbean, but more complicated. Finally South America would have Latinovision Song Contest which based on defunct OTI Festival and more complicated. These contests would serve songs from different countries, states and provinces in Americas. Songs must be in national languages and diverse on genre. Format is similar with Eurovision Song Contest, but adapted according to social and cultural condition in Americas. After song contests, they would establish acting, dance and classical music contests, like Eurovision contests. Contests for children and teenagers also available, names are Junior and Youth in English, Cadets and Jeunes in French and Infantil and Juvenil in Spanish. Junior/Cadets/Infantil contests are intended for participants aged 8-12 years old. Then Youth/Jeunes/Juvenil contests are intended for participants aged 13-17 years old. Standard contests are for participants aged at least 18 years old. We hoped that Amcavision, Caribvision and Latinovision contests are held soon.

  4. Sorry but I find it ridiculous and nonsense to have a huge contest like Eurovision for one single country instead of including the whole American countries. “America” is not a single country (USA) but a continent which includes countries from Argentina to Canada (not to forget little Suriname and others). I find it insulting, to be honest.

    Be more inclusive, for God’s sake. And don’t come with this horrible “Latinovision” because Eurovision is meant to be a CONTINENT contest, not a RACE contest. It’s meant to be a contest for a variety of cultures, races, languages and etc, not a segregative contest separating USAmericans from the rest of the continent calling them simply “latinos” as if they were all the same. We’re all Americans in this part of the world. I, myself, am South American because that’s where I was born and live. Making a “latino” contest only contributes to segregate races and cultures. American countries should be competing with each other (like in PanAmerican Games) just like in Eurovision and, now, Eurovision Asian (and Oceania).

    “Latino” is not the right term to represent all the different people, cultures and languages living in America. Remember we have countries speaking Portuguese, Spanish, Guarani, French, English and Duth just in South America…

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