Eurovoix World Launches

Welcome To Eurovoix World
Welcome To Eurovoix World

Welcome to Eurovoix World this is a brand new website run by the team from We’re excited after more than 4 years of running to be launching a new sister website dedicated to the world outside of the Eurovision Song Contest.

So what is Eurovoix World?

Eurovoix World is the home of our coverage of song contests and events outside of Eurovision. The website will be dedicated to bringing you news from the likes of the Türkvizyon Song Contest and the ABU TV Song Festival. Furthermore Eurovoix World will be bringing you additional coverage of events you may not even have heard of such as Liet International and All For One Caribbean.

Here’s just a small number of the events that Eurovoix World will be covering:

  • ABU TV Song Festival
  • ABU Radio Song Festival
  • All For One Caribbean
  • Bala Türkvizyon Song Contest
  • Bundesvision Song Contest
  • Intervision Song Contest
  • Liet International
  • Pan Celtic Song Contest
  • Türkvizyon Song Contest

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