Gagauzia: Girl Group Tozi Wish To Participate in Turkvizyon

Tozi wish to represent Gagauzia at Turkvizyon

The Gagauz girl group Tozi has stated their intention to represent Gagauzia at the Turkvizyon Song Contest.

In an interview with the Gagauz news website Gagauz Media one of the members of the band Irma Zabunov spoke about the groups intention to represent Gagauzia at Turkvizyon. She told the website that:

We are pleased to participate in any competitions where we can represent their Gagauzia. When you raise the flag of Gagauzia – this is a very nice responsibility. We are very proud of their people,

Tozi have existed for over five years now and have released a total of eight songs. The most recent of which is “Sevda”, you can watch their performance on GRT below:

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