Gagauzia: Ludmila Tukan Receives Title “Honoured Artist of Gagauzia”

Ludmila Tukan
Ludmila receives award for her work as a singer

Ludmila Tukan who represented Gagauzia at Turkvizyon has become one of the first people to receive the title “Honoured Artist of Gagauzia”.

Ludmila Tukan has received the title “Honoured Artist of Gagauzia” for her work as a singer and the promotion of Gagauz culture. Ludmila was born in the village of Baurci in Gagauzia and has been singing since 1998. Ludmila rose to prominence in her home country after winning the “Silver Voice of Gagauzia” in 2008 and going on to represent her country at the first Turkvizyon Song Contest in 2013.

She told the Gagauz press that:

I’m really happy, to put into words the feeling is impossible. Thanks to everyone who believed in me in the initial, most difficult stages. The first such man was Ivan Kurdoglo who believed in me and gave me the opportunity to develop further.


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