Gagauzia: No Government Funding For Turkvizyon

Valentin finished 7th in Istanbul

Valentin Ormanzhi has revealed to the Gagauz media that he has still not received funding that was promised ahead of the contest.

Gagauzia is the latest participating region in Turkvizyon to have revealed that they have not received any Government funding for participation in the contest. Valentin Ormanzhi told Gagauz Media that:

We are with Peter Petkovic signed the contract, he was my producer who had to deal with all the financial and organizational issues. Chadyr-Lunga mayor’s office promised to pay me three thousand lei, and the official website of the City Hall has such information, but so far I have not received the money. From the Governor or the other, I personally did not get anything, because under the contract I have no right to do this, since it has to deal with my producer.

Valentin added that he is also disappointed to have not received any congratulations from the Government for his 7th place in December:

I am personally a bit disappointed that when we came to the competition, we have neither the Governor nor the mayor does not even greeted. It’s a shame, it’s all the same contribution to the culture of Gagauzia. We have declared themselves, and finally in the finals were also taken place. I think that it should not pass by. Maybe they were not aware of, but I would like it to be so, because we – it inspires artists

Peter Petkovic told Gagauz Media that Gagauz participation has not received Government funding in recent years. We understand that at the first contest in 2013 the participation of the region was funded but this has not been repeated in recent years.

Source: Gagauz Media

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