Gagauzia: Turkvizyon Song Details Revealed

Valentin is representing Gagauzia

In Gagauzia today more details were revealed about the song that will be representing Gagauzia at the 3rd Turkvizyon Song Contest.

Gagauzia are being represented by Valentin Ormanzhi, it is the first time that the region of Moldova has been represented by a male singer. The song is about life and family according to Valentin, the song will involve drums and Gagauz dance. The song which is titled “Sev beni sev” has not yet been released.

Peter Petkovic who is an honoured artist of Gagauzia and the coordinator of Gagauz participation in the contest says he has high hopes that they will reach the final. He said that:

This year’s competition will be held in Turkey. Gagauz and Turkish languages ​​are very similar,

Gagauzia has never reached a final of the Turkvizyon Song Contest, last year Maria Topal represented Gagauzia in Kazan, Tatarstan and finished 16th, 2 places from qualifying for the final.


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