Gagauzia: Valentin Ormanzhi Talks About The Struggles Of Being a Gagauz Singer

Valentin on stage in Istanbul
Valentin on stage in Istanbul

Valentin Ormanzhi who represented Gagauzia at Turkvizyon 2015 has given an interview in which he talks about the struggles of being a Gagauz language singer.

Valentin feels that the main issue facing artists in Gagauz and the music industry is plagiarism within the Gagauz music sector. Valentin told Gagauz Media that:

We have song plagiarism, some just blatantly steal and write their texts. I think that the radio should not take this stuff, theremust be some kind of filter. I’ve got a new song for the new year, and someone wrote on the Internet that my song is a rip-off.

He went on to say that Gagauz Radio does not help make being a singer in Gagauzia an easy living. He says that despite having had a number of top.10 songs of the year in Gagauzia he has never had any payment from the radio station for the playing of his music. He feels that the payments would be an incentive to not only him but to other artists to be more creative. Mr Ormanzhi also feels that there is increasing pressure on Gagauz music from international artists from Russia,

We – singers, are try singing in the Gagauz, so language is not forgotten. Many people confuse the Gagauz language to Russian. Radio helps to ensure that our songs sounded and people deeply learned their native language.

Finally he ends the interview wishing that the Gagauz music industry could have financial support and funding. He told Gagauz Media that:

I wish that there were worthysponsors who helped to make good quality music, so that songs became hits not only in Gagauzia, but also abroad, that is to promote our songs in other countries. With the financial support you can combine work and have a Gagauz and a  European arranger to make the material, which will be at the European level, but feels Gagauz. Thus, we have to show that world that there is such a nation called Gagauzia, we are talented, and that our songs have are heard in the homes of other countries.

Source: Gagauz Media

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