Gagauzia: Yulia Arnaut Will Perform “Kemençä” At Turkvision

Yulia Arnaut has revealed that she will be performing the song “Kemençä” for Gagauzia at the Turkvision Song Contest in 2017.

The title of Gagauzia’s entry for the Turkvision Song Contest in 2017 has been revealed. Yulia Arnaut will be performing the song “Kemençä” on stage at the contest in the spring. The singer has spent the past two months working on her song for the contest which is expected to be performed in the Gagauz language. The lyrics were written by Todur Zanet while the music was composed by Ilya Filev.

Yulia was selected to represent Gagauzia at the Turkvision Song Contest at the end of October. She beat off competition from eleven other artists in the final of Can Dalgasinda in Comrat. The selection was open to singers aged between 18 and 35 years old and saw the participants performing in the Gagauz language.

To date the following countries have revealed the titles of the songs that will be representing them at the Turkvision Song Contest in 2017:

  • Bashkortostan – Zilija Bakhtieva – Donya Mathur
  • Belarus – Svetlana Agarval – Meni Anla
  • Crimea – Alseyda – Felegimsin
  • Gagauzia – Yulia Arnaut – Kemenca
  • Latvia – Oksana Bilera – Yakisiyor bize bu sevgi
  • Netherlands – Elcan – Ana vatan
  • Moldova – Polina Stefogolo – Yallah Yallah!
  • Poland – Olga Shimanskaya – Masal gibi bu dunya
  • Sweden – Arghavan – Dircalis
  • Ukraine – Natalia Papazoglu – Tikenli Yol

The host city and dates of the next edition of the Turkvision Song Contest are yet to be confirmed by the organisers of the contest. We understand that the contest is provisionally scheduled for March but that a final decision has not yet been taken. The 2016 contest has been delayed due to the turmoil in Turkey.

Source: Yulia Arnaut

Gagauzia was one of the 24 original countries and regions to participate in the first Turkvision Song Contest in 2013. In the first two years that Gagauzia participated in the contest they failed to make it out of the semi finals. To date the region has participated in every contest, with their best result coming in 2015. At the 2015 contest in Istanbul, Gagauzia made the final for the first time with the singer Valentin Ormanzhi. Valentin performed “Sev beni sev” and finished 10th with a total of 154 points.
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