Germany: Bundesvision Dance Contest Replaces Bundesvision Song Contest?

ProSeiben has announced the creation of the Bundesvision Dance Contest, pitting the sixteen Bundesländer against each other.

In July it was announced by ProSeiben that the Bundesvision Song Contest would not be held this year for the first time since its inception. It now appears that the Song Contest will be replaced by the new Bundesvision Dance Contest. The Bundesvision Song Contest had been held annually from 2005 to 2015, bringing in millions of viewers and showcasing music from across the country.

The Bundesvision Dance Contest follows the same format as the Song Contest bring together representatives from the 16 Bundesland of Germany. However in a change from the Song Contest, the Dance Contest will be held over a number of weeks during the autumn. The dancers will not be limited to certain routines and styles, they will be free to salsa, hip hop or slow waltz, they may dance as a solo performer or compete as a group. No details have yet been announced about who will be competing in the contest.

The spinning off of a dance contest from a song contest is nothing new to European audiences. From 2007 to 2008 the European Broadcasting Union produced the Eurovision Dance Contest, over the two contests 17 countries competed. Germany was one of the original 16 countries to participate in the first contest in Glasgow, however they withdrew in 2008 due to poor viewing figures.

Source: ProSeiben

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