Germany: Derya Kaptan – Interview

Derya is representing Germany
Derya is representing Germany

It’s the week of the Turkvizyon and Bala Turkviyon Song Contest and we now head to the most western nation competing in Turkvizyon, Germany. Germany debuted in the contest last year and this year are being represented by Derya Kaptan, here is what she had to say ahead of her Turkvizyon experience:

Thank you for talking to us Derya, how does it feel to be representing Germany at the Turkvizyon Song Contest 2015?

It is a great happening that Germany is part of this international event. It is one of my most exciting projects so far. I love the fact that I can build a bridge between Germany and Turkey. They represent two countries that I feel strongly related to and two cultures that have influenced my artistic vision.

Germany debuted at last year’s contest in Kazan, Tatarstan. How did it come about that you would represent Germany at this year’s contest in Istanbul, Turkey?

The German media partner and media group Türk Show appreciated me for being a multidisciplinary artist who combines singing, dancing and acting. They were looking for an artist who is inspired by the music of both Europe and Turkey and who could combine all these influences and present them on stage.

Not only are you a singer but also you are a dancer. What was it that drew you into both dancing and singing?

For me music is the connection between the two. I started ballet at a young age and was already singing when I was six years old. First it was only a passion, later on, when I studied dance and started working as a singer to make a living, it became both passion and and profession at the same time. It is very hard for me to choose between dancing and singing. The fact that I can show my dancing and singing qualities at the same time makes Turkvision very exciting for me.

The song you are performing in Istanbul is called “Sessiz Çığlık”, can you tell us what it is about?

It tells the story of losing a loved person and coming together again. The girl returns to earth as an Angel to find her love that was left apart. “I saw, but you did not see…, I heard but you did not hear…. You stayed silent !… All words ended up ! Nothing more to say….” The song continues without words in Refrain, but only a-vocals. In the reprise, the couple gets back together and gives the message of “peace and hope together”. Our dance is featuring this story. You can identify with the song and the content in your own way. It is open for many interpretations which gives depth to the song. In these times so many sad things happen where we can not find any words to say.

With Turkvizyon being in just a few days from now, how are preparations for the competition going?

The last weeks are very intense. There are a lot of different parts that have to come together in a short amount of time. It is like a puzzle, which is being completed step by step. It started with the idea for the song, continued with composing the music, developing my own choreography, finalizing the dress. The costume has to be perfect up to the very last detail such as the shoes that I am going to wear under it.

What are your expectations going into the Turkvizyon Song Contest, are you aiming to make it to the final?

Of course it is my goal to make it to the final. I will give my very best to show a high quality performance. Besides of the competition however, I hope to catch the right feeling of the audience and reflect the spirit of the time with my performance. I am looking forward to the international atmosphere and meeting all the artists from different countries.

Germany has been in the Eurovision Song Contest since the first contest in 1956, what do you think is attractive about Turkvizyon Song Contest for a German audience?

For me, the world moves closer and closer. My family and I have been fans of the Eurovision Song contest ever since I can remember it. As children, my sister and I were having fantasies of taking part in the song contest. But of course there are so many countries in the world that it is not possible to represent them all in one contest. Therefore of course there must be different contests. There are so many Turks living in Germany, who feel related to both the German and the Turkish culture and so many German people who are interested in Turkish culture.

As a performer how will it feel for you to take the stage in Istanbul and have millions of people hearing you sing?

Of course the fact that there will be millions of people hearing me sing and seeing me dance makes me a bit nervous. But the fact that I can reach so many people with my art makes me really happy and proud. The vision of an artist is always to reach and touch a lot of people.
I am very thankful for this great opportunity.

Finally do you have anything you’d like to say to the readers of

Dear Readers of Eurovoix- Thank you so much for your support. Pleas cross your fingers for me and first of all enjoy the show!!!!

We wish Derya and the rest of the German delegation the best of luck in the final of the Turkvizyon Song Contest this Saturday in Istanbul, Turkey.


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