Germany: Seyran Releases New Single “Schutzengel”

Seyran this years German entrant in the Turkvision Song Contest has released his latest single today. “Schutzengel”.

Seyran who will be representing Germany at this years Turkvision Song Contest has released his latest single today. “Schutzengel” (Guardian Angel) has been released today, the song is about the belief in your Guardian Angel to guide you through life, whoever that Guardian Angel may be.

The singer was internally selected to represent Germany at this years Turkvizyon Song Contest, with the announcement of his participation taking place at the end of May. Seyran was born in Azerbaijan has represented Azerbaijan at the Intervision Song Contest in 2008, he also attempted to represent both Azerbaijan and Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Read what Seyran has to say about his latest single below:

It’s a story about you, it’s a story about me, it’s a song about us …

Every one of us believes in something strong, something supernatural, Mighty – in one God, a prophet – what do you think?

I believe in a strong force, which leads us again and again, which helps us whenever our own forces are no longer sufficient, if our hope fades – i believe in guardian angels.

Your Guardian Angel takes you by the hand, he shows you the way and accompany you. You are never alone – he is always with you …

A guardian angel has different faces – he must have no wings and do not wear white dress. He can be a good friend who is there when you need it, who gives you the answer that you actually know or just a neighbor, a colleague, a man on the street who gives you a smile, if you just discouraged are. He is among us and yet often invisible …

Belief in your Guardian Angel – he will find you …

Watch the official music video below:

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