Germany: Two Songs in the Running for Turkvision 2016

Seyran has revealed that two songs are in the running for him to perform at the Turkvision Song Contest 2016 in Turkey.

Seyran who is representing Germany at the Turkvision Song Contest 2016 has stated that there are two songs in the running for him to perform at the contest. The two songs are totally different styles, one being a ballad and the other being a fast paced pop song. In an interview with the singer also explained that he opted against trying to represent Germany at Eurovision 2017 due to having too much planned for next year.

The singer was internally selected to represent Germany at this years Turkvizyon Song Contest, with the announcement of his participation taking place at the end of May. Seyran was born in Azerbaijan has represented Azerbaijan at the Intervision Song Contest in 2008, he also attempted to represent both Azerbaijan and Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest. He will be the third singer to represent Germany at the Turkvision Song Contest and the first of an Azeri background.

Germany is not the only country to have selected their singer but not the song for the contest. Azerbaijan, Belarus, Gagauzia, Moldova, Romania and Ukraine have all selected their participant, but have not publicly revealed the song that their artist will be performing in Turkey.

This years Turkvision Song Contest is expected to be the largest to date with the following countries and regions having confirmed their participation to

  • Azerbaijan
  • Bashkortostan
  • Belarus
  • Crimea
  • Gagauzia
  • Germany
  • Kazakhstan
  • Kumyk (Debut)
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Latvia (Debut)
  • Netherlands (Debut)
  • Northern Cyprus
  • Moldova (Debut)
  • Poland (Debut)
  • Romania
  • Sandzak
  • Stavropol Krai
  • Sweden (Debut)
  • Tatarstan
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine


The Turkvision Song Contest was first held in 2013 in the Turkish city of Eskisehir. The contest which is open to Turkic nations and regions such as Turkey, Kazakhstan and Yakutia. The contest follows a similar format to the Eurovision Song Contest, with songs limited to being 4 minutes long. To date Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan have won the contest.
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