Events From Across The World
Events From Across The World

We don’t just cover the contests and events that take place today, we also have series looking back at past contests from across the world. From this page you can find out more about your favourite events and even some you may have never heard of before.

ABU Golden Kite World Song Festivals 1989-91 – More details here.

The ABU Golden Kite World Song Festivals were the precursor to the ABU Song Festivals which launched in 2012. Take a look back at the competitive contest that saw countries like India, Australia, Finland, Jordan and others take part.

All For One Caribbean 2013 – More details here.

The All For One Caribbean Song Contests have been run since 2013, find out more about the inaugural contest held in Martinique.

Intervision Song Contest 2008 – More details here.

Find out more about the relaunch of the Intervision Song Contest for the first time since 1980, take a look at the 11 participating countries and the songs they competed with.

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