Indonesia: EKI Dance Group Participating in ABU International Dance Festival

RRI one of two broadcasters from Indonesia has revealed the dance group that will be representing them at the ABU International Dance Festival 2017.

Eksotika Karmawibhangga Indonesia will be representing Radio Republik Indonesia at the first edition of the ABU International Dance Festival in Hyderabad, India. The groups participation was revealed at a press conference held by RRI earlier this week. EKI was founded in 1996 by Aiko Senosoenoto and Rusdy Rukmarata, the dance group works with youngsters who had fallen on hard times as a result of family circumstance or issues with alcohol or drug abuse.

The Director of Program Production at RRI, Soleman Yusuf stated that he is excited to see Indonesia participating in such an event. Mr Yusuf added that:

Indonesia is a country rich in art and culture, ancestral heritage of our ancestors very great and must be maintained. This heritage  belongs to the world. We know some of the dance and the arts Indonesian cultural products recognised by the world as a noble heritage. That’s what we want to build that Indonesia has a lot of high cultural and general and universal, can be enjoyed nations of the world.

EKI will be performing two different dance routines at the ABU International Dance Festival 2017. In the contemporary category they will be performing Kabaret Baliano, while in the traditional category they will perform Bala Turangga.

The schedule for the contest is as follows:

  • 13 January – Delegations and groups are to arrive in Hyderabad, welcome dinner by the Telengana Government
  • 14 January – Technical rehearsals for all of the participating groups, full run through in the evening with the presenters
  • 15 January – Final run through will occur if dancers wish. Contest will take place in the evening.

The rules for the festival are as follows:

  • Two dances can be submitted per country, one for the traditional dance (showcase/non-competitive) and one for the contemporary dance (competitive).
  • Each performance may last no longer than 8 minutes.
  • Each performance may feature between 2 and 8 people
  • Participants must be aged between 18 and 25 years old at the time of the event.

Source: RRI

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