Interview: Natalie Papazoglu – “This is a cry from the heart”

Natalie Pazaoglu will be representing Ukraine at Turkvision 2016, we caught up with talented singer to talk more about her participation.

Natalie was selected in July to represent Ukraine at the contest and will be performing “Tikenli yol”. In our interview with the talented singer we talk about her musical influences growing up, her experience on the X-Factor and the importance of performing at the Turkvision Song Contest. Find out more about the Ukrainian entrant below:

“Ukraine’s entrant in the Turkvision Song Contest 2016”, how does that feel?

Hello! First of all, I feel a great responsibility, because I’m a representative of Gagauz and Ukrainian people. My mum’s Ukrainian and dad’s Gagauz. What more I feel great joy for having the honor to participate in such an important competition like Turkvision .

Going back to when you were a child how big of an influence was music on you growing up?

There was always music in our family. Dad plays the accordion and sings, mum graduated from music school and sang in the choir. But the fate of the artist they didn’t want for me and have always believed that it’s not serious work. But my desire for music won. For many years I was engaged in self-learning, thanks to God and my sense of purpose, I was able to achieve results. My voice became very strong, its range is more than 4, 5 octave. But I have three degrees from different specialties, including a vocal teacher.

What influenced you to decide to focus your career on singing?

Human being is born with a sense of its purpose in this world. My purpose is to give a part of my soul and love through the songs, trying to change the world for the better. My songs always have sense.

You were the second singer selected to compete in the this years contest, winning the Ukrainian selection in July, what was it that made you decide to take part?

I want worthily represent my people and country and by songs tell the world about them.

Before Turkvision you have participated in the X Factor in Ukraine, what was that process like for you and what was the biggest thing you learned from it?

X Factor is an interesting experience. It’s a dialogue, communication with the public. On the X factor, I was a gold button of well-known jazz singer Nino Katamadze. And very glad that such professionals so appreciated my vocal skills.

Now you will be performing your song in Gagauz at the Turkvision Song Contest. Many people will have never heard this language outside of Ukraine or Gagauzia, how important is it to perform in this language for an audience like Turkvision’s?

The Gagauz language is Turkish. It is the most related to the Turkish language. Therefore, many Turkish peoples will be able to understand the meaning of my lyrics. It is very important for me to perform a blood related song. In the distant past, my grandfather and his sister escaped from the great famine out of their home. My mother’s grandfather died of starvation in his arms. And to survive and to give life to their children, they settled in the Western Ukraine. To sing a song on my native Gagauz language and especially at such important contest as Turkvision is a great honor for me. I dedicate this song to my grandfather and my people, who were massively destroyed during the famine years.

Can you tell us more about your song for the Turkvision Song Contest?

The song title is “Tikenli yol: which means “A thorny path.” This is my story to the core, the story about the struggle for life, the story of power and light. If you have good intentions and pure soul you will always win. This is a very strong, deep sense and emotional song. This is a cry from the heart. You will hear folk instruments of two cultures in the modern musical language.

If there was one thing you wanted to achieve from taking part in the Turkvision Song Contest, what would it be and why?

I’m going to win. It’s very important for me. I am interested in the Turkish world of music and really want to strike up a friendship and business relationship in it.

Finally do you have a message for your fans and readers of Eurovoix World?

Do not be afraid to reach your goals. Go forward. Appreciate your home, culture, language, country, respect your parents. Believe in good, carry it in this world. After all, each of us can change it step by step. Then your life will be filled with meaning.

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