Intervision: Calls For Contest To Be Brought Back For 2017

Alexander Ivanov was selected to represent Russia in 2014, he represented Belarus at Eurovision 2016

Calls have been made for Intervision to return to television screens for 2017 following the fall out regarding voting at Eurovision 2016.

Russian MP’s have called for the Ministry of Culture to bring back the Intervision Song Contest after a break of eight years. The contest which began in the 1970s as an alternative to the Eurovision Song Contest was held for four years from 1977-1980 before being axed. Intervision returned again in 2008 when it was held in Sochi with 11 countries from the former Soviet Union competing in the contest, that year’s contest was won by Tajikistan.

This is not the first time that after a Intervision Song Contest the contest has been called on to be revived. Following the victory of Conchita Wurst at Eurovision 2014, it was announced Intervision would be brought back. The 2014 contest was delayed until 2015 before ultimately being indefinitely postponed.

Find out more about Intervision and its planned revival in 2014 here.


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  1. Intervision Song Contest must consists of all post-Soviet countries and China. Songs which competed at ISC must be in national languages. ISC would become the multicultural song contest. ISC would also provide song contests for kids and teenagers. We hoped that ISC comes back soon with multilingual songs.

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