Iran: Reza Esbilani – Interview

Reza Esbilani is representing Iran
Reza Esbilani is representing Iran

From Albania we head to Iran and this years Iranian participant Reza Esbilani. The Iranian participants in the Turkvizyon Song Contest all hail from the ethnic Azeri part of Iran South Azerbaijan. Here’s what Reza Esbilani had to say:

Thank you for talking to us, you will be representing Iran at this
years Turkvizyon Song Contest 2015, what does it mean to you to be
taking part in the Turkvizyon Song Contest?

First of all singing is a spiritual experience for me. Singing in my
maternal language also is something which can enrich this experience
even more. so Turkvizyon is a combination of two aspects of my
personality and soul.

How did it come into being that you would be representing Iran at
this years contest?

As Iranian Turk or Azeri, we are at the intersection of two great
and ancient culture, Iranian culture and Turk culture. so naturally I
am inheriting two identities by nationality and racially. so what
would you do as an Iranian Turk singer? representing Iran and singing
in Turkish.

Last year Iran was represented by Barish Grubu, what did you make
of their performance in Kazan, Tatarstan?

It was a nice Azeri rock song called “Heyder Baba” with words of
great Iranian-Azeri poet Shahriyar and great performance of Barish
band and my dear friend Masud Amirsepehr. I deeply appreciate their
efforts and courage to participate in Turkvizyon for the first time
and wish them far more success.

Can you tell us more about the song you will be performing in
Istanbul and what it is about?

This song is about the power of brotherhood and friendship against
hatred and animosity. it invites people to be more gentle and more
loving toward themselves and others.

You will be performing alongside participants from over 25 other
countries and regions what will that experience be like for you?

Of course it is a great opportunity for me and I believe for every
participant in the contest, to be there and perform in front of other
aspiring and professional musicians. it is inspirational and humbling
at the same time.

What are you most looking forward to about participating in the
Turkvizyon Song Contest?

As I said before, exposing my inner feelings and delivering my
message is my first aim. besides I believe in meritocracy and wish a
favorable outcome for everybody specially deserving contestants.

Can you tell us more about your plans for your performance on stage
in Istanbul?

Generally I am not an artist with agenda and I believe in
spontaneity on stage. moreover revealing what may happen on the stage
will reduce the level of positive excitement.

Finally do you have anything you’d like to say to the readers of

I just wish them great days full of music and expansion toward more
brilliant horizons and hope to see you in Istanbul…

We wish Reza the best of luck at the Turkvizyon Song Contest and all the best for his future as a singer.

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