Iraq: Sirmali Duets With Gizem Berk

Sırmalı feat. Gizem Berk
Sirmali duets with Gizem Berk

Sirmali who represented Iraq at Turkvizyon 2015 has released a new song with Gizem Berk.

Sirmali has today released a new single with Gizem Berk. Gizem Berk is a well known singer who shot to fame after the release of her first album in 2014. The duet brings together the two performers in a story about broken love. The song is titled “Ozlenmeyen Yurekte Ask” which translates as “Smoking hearts in love”. Sirmali represented Iraq at the 2015 Turkvizyon Song Contest in Istanbul, Turkey, he finished in 17th place with 137 points.

Watch the music video below:

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