Isle of Man: Arrane son Mannin 2018 Call For Submissions

The Isle of Man has launched an open call for songs to compete in Arrane son Mannin 2018, the selection process for the Pan Celtic Song Contest.

The search for the Manx entry for the Pan Celtic Song Contest 2018 is underway, with an open call for songs to take part in Arrane son Mannin 2018. As ever all songs competing in the selection must be performed in the Manx language, but they can be performed in any genre. The rules are as follows:

  • Lyrics and music must be original, the song cannot have been performed in a public competition previously
  • Up to six people may perform on stage
  • No pre-recorded vocals or effects are allowed

The closing date to apply to take part in the selection is December 1st, after which point those taking part have until December 29 to submit the song and lyrics.

The winner of the selection will be decided based on a 100 point scoring system. The judges will be looking at:

  • Lyrics – Maximum of 30 points
  • Music – Maximum of 30 points
  • Performance – Maximum of 40 points

The final of Arrane son Mannin 2018 will be held on January 8 at the Peel Masonic Hall. The winner will represent the Isle of Man at the Pan Celtic Song Contest 2018.

Source: Manx Music

The Pan Celtic Song Contest has been held as part of the Pan Celtic Festival since 1971. Only once in 2001 was the contest not been held. The Contest sees Brittany, Cornwall, Ireland, Isle of Man, Scotland and Wales compete to find the best song in a Celtic language. Wales is currently the most successful participant in the contest, having won a total of 15 times.
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