Italy: “I Love to Sing With My Heart” – Walter Ricci

From winning New Wave in 2016, Italy’s Walter Ricci competes in Slavianski Bazaar later today as the semi-final takes place.

27-year-old Walter Ricci will be representing Italy this evening as the semi-final of the International Pop Song Performers Contest gets underway in Vitebsk, Belarus. From being born into a musical family, Walter has not only become a talented singer, but also a pianist and composer. Having won a number of awards and competed in competitions across the globe, Walter will be stepping out on stage as one of the most experienced singers in this years contest.

It’s a pleasure to talk to you, Slavianski Bazaar is just a matter of days away, how are you feeling and how are your preparations going?

I feel really good here in Minsk now, and I’m sure that I will have fun in this wonderful country.

You’re an acclaimed singer, pianist and composer, for those who do not know you well, can you tell us more about yourself and your career so far?

Thank you for your compliments, i grown up in a music family and I used to listen all the genre of music. I love to sing the good melodies and I don’t care to sing loud or show my technical voice, I love to sing with my heart that’s why I choose the melody that bring me emotions.

You are known for your love of jazz music, what is it about this style of music that appeals to you so much as a performer?

Yes, I grown up with jazz and I have the fortune to collaborate with some stars of jazz. I keep to study jazz and this help to find my personality. But as I told you, I love to sing every genre of music.

You’re heading into Slavianski Bazaar as a winner of New Wave, does that add any pressure on you?

Absolutely not, I have no pressure. I love to meet singers and musician. There’s always something to learn for my point of view. That’s a way to make me in discussion and introduce the music that I write.

You’ll be performing a number of songs as part of the competition, can you tell us more about them and why you have picked them?

The first song will be an original song that I wrote with my friend Dario Rosciglione, that’s called “SORRIDERAI”. The second is a famous song from Muslim Magomaev called “Vernì Mne Muziky”. The last one will be a great song from Stevie Wonder, “Part Time Lover”. All of these song have something in common: a Melody that I really love!

Do you have any specific routines that you do before you go on stage to get you in the mindset to perform?

Just sleep too much and a little warm up just before the performance.

Finally, do you have any messages for our readers and your fans?

Thank you so much, all of you give me the chance to make music.

We wish the best of luck to Walter Ricci, to find out more about Slavianski Bazaar and the contest stay up to date via TwitterFacebook and on the website.

Slavianski Bazaar has been held annually in Vibetsk, Belarus since 1992. The event consists of two competitive contests, the International Pop Song Performers Contest for singers age 18 to 31, and the Children’s Contest for those age between 7 and 12. The competition is popular in the former Soviet Union, Baltic States and the Balkans. Winners include Ruslana, Zeljko Joksimovic, Donny Montell and Alyona Lanskaya. The Children’s Contest has been held since 2003 and former winners include singers who have gone on to compete in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. This includes former winner Ksenia Sitnik who won for Belarus in 2005.
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