Aris Appaev who was due to represented Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachay Cherkessia at Turkvision 2015 has released his latest song.

Aris Appaev has released his first new single of 2017, “Tau halkim”. The song which is performed in Karachay Balkar is a change of style for Aris who has in the past combined the traditional sounds of his region with a modern twist.

In 2015 Aris beat off competition from nine other hopefuls to be selected to represent the two regions of Russia in the Turkvision Song Contest. He was due to compete with the song “Unutma meni”, however was forced to withdraw following a deterioration in relations between Turkey and the Russian Federation. Aris has stated that he hopes to be able to represent his homeland at the upcoming Turkvision Song Contest.

Watch the official music video below:

Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachay Cherkessia took part in the first edition of the Turkvision Song Contest in 2013. The two neighboring regions in the Russian Federation hold the unique title of being the only regions to have ever jointly competed in the Turkvision Song Contest. In their first two appearances at the contest the two regions were represented by Eldar Zhanikaev. In both 2013 and 2014 Eldar failed to reach the final, his best result was 24th place in 2014 scoring 148 points, this included 9 points from Kyrgyzstan. The two regions were due to participant in the 2015 contest represented by Aris Appaev, however a deterioration in relations between Turkey and Russia saw the regions forced to withdraw from the competition.