Kazakhstan: Bala Dauysy 2017 Begins in April

The second edition of Bala Dauysy begins in April as Kazakhstan begins their national search for the country’s best young singer.

Bala Dauysy, the contest which evolved out of Kazakhstan’s Bala Turkvision selection in 2015 returns this year. Audition rounds will once again be held across the regions of Kazakhstan, where one well known Kazakh personality will select a young singer from their region. Once all of the audition rounds have been held, the singers will then meet in Almaty two weeks before the semi final to work on the song they will perform at the contest.

It is not known whether Bala Dauysy 2017 will be used to select Kazakhstan’s entrant for the Bala Turkvision Song Contest 2017. The Turkic singing contest for young children has yet to be officially confirmed as being held alongside this years Turkvision Song Contest in Astana, Kazakhstan. Eurovoix World has attempted to contact the contests organisers but has yet to receive a response.

The organisers of Bala Dauysy had previously stated that they planned for the contest itself to be turned into an international contest instead of just a domestic song contest in 2017. However no announcements have yet been made to confirm these plans.

Source: Official Turkvizyon

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  1. Turkvision Song Contest 2017 is also yet to be confirmed, as the EXPO arrangers have removed it from their site.

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