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3 thoughts on “Kazakhstan: Bala Dauysy Winner Will Not Go To Bala Turkvizyon?”

  1. Some responsible people seriously have to start sharing information about both Bala Turkvision and Turkvision! This is just catastrophic. Two months to go, and noone knows anything. The two biggest participants, Kazakhstan and Kyrgisistan, did not publish a word about any national finals yet. Gagauz national final, supposed to be held one week ago, is not mentioned by one single word online! Did it even happen? Official sources (TMB TV) said the contest will be held in Istanbul, while other sources say it’s gonna be held in Antalya! People don’t even know where to go for this contest! Seriously! If I wanted to go to this contest, it would basically be impossible! I don’t even know what country I should buy my plane ticked for… and if I take a wild guess on Turkey I don’t even know what city to go to. When you don’t know this untill two weeks before the contest, it’s basically impossible! And, if you know the city, you don’t know the date… It’s ridicoulous! ORGANIZERS! YOU SERIOUSLY CANNOT GO ON LIKE THIS!!! Imagine if you did not know where Eurovision Song Contest would be held, and at what date, untill one month in advance?! This contest can never be big if you don’t fix the information flow. I can understand a lot of start-up problems in 2013, and even in 2014, but seriously! And… if Kazakhstand withdraws from this contests (Bala Turkvision or Turkvision) this contest would not have the streinght anymore to go on for years and years, but it would not surprise me at all if they all give this up… if the local organizers lack of info is about as big as the fan’s lack of info. Excuse all my typos!

  2. Yes, Jesper… I agree with you. It’s amazing, in a negative way, that a TV-channel like TMB TV is not even able to give any information about venue, city and dates (how can you even organize a competition like this if you don’t know such important things long long time before). Since before summer I was more or less decided to go to this years Turkvision, since I read it would be in Istanbul (easier to get a flight from here to Turkey then to for example Kazakhstan or Azerbajdsjan, or other alternative cities it have been held or could be held). But I gave this idea up a few weeks ago… I don’t know a city, I don’t know when and you cannot even be sure of the country. When all comes to all, you don’t even know for sure if it will be any competition.

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