Kazakhstan: Bala Turkvizyon Selection Praised

Erkin won the Kazakh selection
Erkin won the Kazakh selection

Kazakhstan has been praised by the organisers of Bala Turkvizyon for their selection process for the Bala Turkvizyon Song Contest 2015.

24.kz reports that Khabar Television was given the highest rating by organisers for the way in which they selected their participant for the contest. Kazakhstan’s selection saw auditions held over 2 months across all regions of the country which culminated in two televised shows in September to select their participant. Kazakhstan was one of just three countries to hold televised selection processes for their participant.

This years contest in Istanbul was reported by participants to be not very well organised in terms of staging or equipment. It is hoped by fans that the organisers of next years contest will look toward Khabar TV’s selection process as to how the contest can be staged effectively.

Kazakhstan came 2nd in Bala Turkvizyon 2015 losing out to Azerbaijan by just 2 points.

Source: 24.kz

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  1. (it was probably better than the show in Istanbul yesterday , which doesn’t say much … and they praise them but they still make Azerbaijan with an entry that breaks the rules win the contest instead)

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