Kazakhstan: Dimas Kudaibergen On The International Stage

Dimas Will Represent Kazakhstan At The ABU TV Song Festival 2015

Dimas Kudaibergen is being thrown onto the international stage after winning Slavianski Bazaar earlier this week.

The young Kazakh singer wowed the audiences and judges with his performances, after winning the contest he said that “Kazakh folk music can conquer the world”. Before the competition Dimas was a relatively unknown singer having only released a couple of singles including “Көркемім”. At a press conference in Kazakhstan yesterday he added that:

I think that Kazakh artists will show themselves even more prestigious scenes, as the Eurovision Song Contest. Just need only sing Kazakh songs, I think so. English songs is no surprise, but the Kazakh folk song can surprise the whole world, because our music is the best in the world.

His next international performance will take place in South Korea in September and then he will be representing Kazakhstan on their debut in the ABU TV Song Festival in Istanbul, Turkey. Dimas was selected to represent Kazakhstan at the ABU TV Song Festivla by a jury in April after auditions were held for young singers.

You can watch one of Dimas’ performances below:

Source: Khabar.kz

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  1. I came across dimash just by chance looking on youtube at something else just last week,i enjoy watching good singers,his voice blew me away,ive never heard a guy get so high before,my hairs were standing on their ends as i listened to him,i ended up awake after 5am in the morning listening to lots of his songs,i just couldnt stop,mesmerising is a good way to describe it,i need to have his music to listen to as soon as possible but cant get any here in uk,please release his music here,he needs to tour the uk,i would be one of the first to buy a ticket for sure,i can only imagine what it would be like listening to him live.for now,dimash please come to uk.

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