Kazakhstan: “I think that I will honorably represent my country” – Ayree

Ayree is riding high in her career and now takes to the stage in Vitebsk for Slavianski Bazaar 2017, we talk to the talented rising star from Kazakhstan.

As Slavianski Bazaar draws closer we bring you the second in a series of interviews with some of the participants in the International Pop Song Performers Contest this year. 25-year-old Ayree will be following in the footsteps of Dimash Kudaibergen when she takes to the stage this week. From performing in China and France, to taking to the stage of the ABU TV Song Festival 2016, Ayree is a talented singer with a lot of experience.

Thanks so much for talking us, for those readers who may not have heard of you, can you tell us more about yourself and style of music?

Our team works in pop music style. To be honest, we are not limited in sty, we try everything. My debut took place on March 1, 2016 with the song “Show” by my author Bauyrzhan Bimakhan. The producers immediately liked the interesting melody and memorable chorus. After that, this track got the brightest color thanks to the sound over which the producer worked Abdikaliev Ruslan and my music producer Nugmetov Ihlas. The track turned out to be a success and the team decided that this song is suitable for the debut video. Then the first clip was shot, which showed an excellent results with good reviews and views. So it was the start of our project AYREE. Now we have finished the first studio album, and started working on the second one. We recorded a lot of tracks, among them there are some duets.

You’ve had a number of hits in the past year, what has it been like for you as an artist in the past year?

Yes, for this year we released many songs, video works that took a special place in the hearts of my listeners. For me this is the most important thing. Probably I will call myself a happy artist.

This isn’t the first time you’ve represented Kazakhstan on an international stage, you represented Kazakhstan at the ABU TV Song Festival 2016, what was that experience like?

For this last year of working with producers my creative life many things has changed. I represented Kazakhstan not only on the ABU TV Song Festival in 2016, before that we had a great tours in China, in France in Paris and Reims. Of course the festival that was held in Indonesia on Bali island was special for me, we prepared for the competition with the same great responsibility as we are prepared for this year’s Slavonic Bazaar contest. Representatives of 12 countries of the world participated in this festivities, and it was our honor to represent our country in the worldwide level. It is probably a great happiness to present on the one stage with world-famous artists. I had achieved so much energy and great experience.

What does it mean to represent Kazakhstan at Slavianski Bazaar in front of an audience across Belarus and Eastern Europe?

Last year I was auditioned for the casting of the “Slavonic Bazaar” and unfortunately did not pass. This year I gained a lot of experience working on big scenes, and again I experienced myself before a tough jury and a large number of participants, fortunately I had the great honor to represent my country in this contest. Our team did a great job. I think that I will honorably represent my country.

Kazakhstan last won the competition in 2015 represented by Dimash Kudaibergen, what would it mean to you be only the second artist to win the competition for Kazakhstan?

I think it does not matter to be the first or second. The main thing for me is to defend the honor of my country with the big dignity.

Can you tell us more about the songs that you will be performing at the competition?

I’m taking 3 songs to the competition. 1) “Kosny Korlan” song by Estai; 2) t Konstantin Meladze’s spng “do not disturb my soul, the violin”; 3) from the repertoire of Leona Lewis “Moment like this”. These songs were chosen by our team.

Before you take to the stage for the first time in Vibetsk, what will you be saying to yourself?

TEK ALGA! which in Kazakh means “Go forward”!

Finally, do you have a message for your fans and our readers?

In the very childhood I dreamed of being a singer, and at this stage I became a professional artist. And all these happened thanks to my listeners and fans who believe in me and inspire me. I want to say thank you very much for your faith and love. I will do my best to meet your expectations.

We wish the best of luck to Ayree, to find out more about Slavianski Bazaar and the build up to the contest stay up to date via TwitterFacebook and on the website.

Slavianski Bazaar has been held annually in Vibetsk, Belarus since 1992. The event consists of two competitive contests, the International Pop Song Performers Contest for singers age 18 to 31, and the Children’s Contest for those age between 7 and 12. The competition is popular in the former Soviet Union, Baltic States and the Balkans. Winners include Ruslana, Zeljko Joksimovic, Donny Montell and Alyona Lanskaya. The Children’s Contest has been held since 2003 and former winners include singers who have gone on to compete in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. This includes former winner Ksenia Sitnik who won for Belarus in 2005.
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