Kazakhstan: Turkvision Winner Zhanar Dugalova Would Compete at Eurovision

Zhanar Dugalova the winner of the Turkvision Song Contest 2014, would represent Kazakhstan if they competed in the Eurovision Song Contest.

The winner of the Turkvision Song Contest 2014 in Kazan, Tatarstan, Zhanar Dugalova has stated she would represent Kazakhstan at the Eurovision Song Contest if she had the opportunity. In an interview with Kazakh media, the highly acclaimed singer stated:

Of course, if there would be an opportunity to take part in Eurovision, I would try my luck.

Zhanar is a hugely popular singer in Kazakhstan, with her last single at the end of 2015 going on to be the most watched video on YouTube ever from Kazakhstan. 30 year old Zhanar rose to fame as a member of the Kazakh girl group KeshYou, she was part of the group between 2013 and 2014. In 2013 she attempted to represent Kazakhstan for the first time with KeshYou and the song “Rizamin” but finished second in the national final.

Following her victory at the Turkvision Song Contest 2014, she received a heroes welcome and has been seen as one of the biggest names in Kazakh music. Earlier this year she was one of the Ambassadors for the Winter Universiade which was held in Almaty.

Currently Kazakhstan is in-eligible to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest with Khabar Agency, the Kazakh broadcaster only an associate member. However the broadcaster has shown the Eurovision Song Contest live every year since 2010, with the contest growing in popularity in recent years. Earlier this week Khabar Agency confirmed that they would be broadcasting the contest again next month.

While the country may not be competing this year, Kazakhstan does have an interest in this years contest in the form of Kristian Kostov. The young singer who will be representing Bulgaria with “Beautiful Mess”, has a Kazakh mother and has been heavily reported on within the Kazakh media.

You can watch Zhanar’s winning performance in Tatarstan below:

Source: Kazakh Media


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