Kazakhstan: Zhanar Dugalova Duets With Nurjan Kermenbaev

Zhana Dugalova won Turkvizyon in 2014
Zhana Dugalova won Turkvizyon in 2014

Zhanar Dugalova has joined up with Nurjan Kermenbaev to release a new single together.

The winner of the 2014 Turkvizyon Song Contest, Zhanar Dugalova has released a new single “which translates to “It was wrong”. The single is a duet with Nurjan Kermenbaev, Nurjan has participated in the Turkvizyon selection process in Kazakhstan twice and finished as a runner-up both times. Zhanar this week has also broken records by becoming the first Kazakh singer to pass 2 million views on YouTube for one song, her single “Ayta bersin” has now been viewed over 2.3 million times.

Listen to the studio version of the song below below:

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