Kemerovo: Chyltys Tannagashev To Perform in Khakassia

Chyltys Tannagashev
Chyltys Tannagashev will be performing at the three day festival

Chyltys Tannagashev who represented Kemerovo at the Turkvizyon Song Contest 2013 is to perform in a festival in Khakassia.

Chyltys Tannagashev the only singer to date to represent Kemerovo at the Turkvizyon Song Contest will be performing later this month as part of a festival. The festival which is “U Khrama Solntsa Sunduki 2016” is being held from June 24-26. The event is only in its second year and is expected to draw in visitors from across the region.

Watch Chyltys performing at Turkvizyon 2013 below:


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