Kosovo: Tolga Kazaz Named Artist of the Year 2016

Tolga Kazaz is to receive the award for Artist of the Year 2016 from the Association of Turkish Artists of Kosovo tonight.

Tolga Kazaz who represented Kosovo at the Turkvision Song Contest 2015 has been named the Artist of the Year by the Association of Turkish Artists of Kosovo. The 40 year old singer from Kosovo had a successful 2016 including participating in Zambaku i Prizrenit, where he finished 3rd in the competition out of 14 competing artists. At the competition which was held in September, Tolga was the only participant to perform in Turkish, all of the other 13 songs excluding one were performed in Albanian.

Tolga represented Kosovo at the 2015 Turkvision Song Contest in Istanbul, Turkey. Tolga is only the second Kosovar singer to represent the country in the contest. In Istanbul he performed the song “Sevmek Gunah Midir?” finishing in 14th place with 141 points, to date this is the worst result Kosovo has had in the contest.

Interestingly Tolga is one of two participants in the Turkvision Song Contest to have also had a child compete in Bala Turkvision. His daughter Ela performed in the Bala Turkvision Song Contest 2015 with the song “Yeni Yil”, she finished 10th out of 13 participants scoring a total of 93 points.

Source: Kosova Haber

Kosovo debuted in the Turkvision Song Contest in 2013. The contest which was held in Turkey saw Kosovo represented by Ergin Karahasan with the song “Su Prizen”. Ergin qualified for the final but finished last out of 12 participants scoring 151 points, an average of 6.56 points per country. Kosovo did not compete in the 2014 contest in Kazan, Tatarstan but returned again in 2015. At the 2015 Tolga Kazaz performed “Sevmek gunah midir”, he finished 14th scoring 141 points in the final.
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