Kyrgyzstan: National Selection Planned For 2017

It appears that Kyrgyzstan is planning once again to hold a televised selection process to select their entrant for the Turkvision Song Contest in 2017.

Kyrgyzstan looks likely to be holding a televised selection process again in 2017 to select their participant for the Turkvision Song Contest. Tamadalar Group posted on their Facebook wall about the Turkvision Song Contest and that they are looking forward to the contest again in 2017. The company has been closely involved in the selection in recent years with Sanjar Mikiev have hosted the selection in both 2013 and 2014.

Kyrgyzstan is one of just five countries and regions to have held a televised selection process to select their entrant at the Turkvision Song Contest every year since their debut. The only others being Kazakhstan, Tatarstan (Russia), Crimea and Azerbaijan. So far for the 2017 contest Azerbaijan, Crimea and Romania have held televised selection processes to select their entrant.

To date the following countries have confirmed their participation in the contest which is planned to be held in March 2017:

  • Azerbaijan – Sevinc Beyaz
  • Bashkortostan – Zilija Bakhtieva – Donya Mathur
  • Belarus – Svetlana Agarval – Meni Anla
  • Crimea – Alseyda – Felegimsin
  • Gagauzia – Yulia Arnaut
  • Germany – Seyran
  • Kumyk – Daniyal Harunow
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Latvia – Oksana Bilera – Yakisiyor bize bu sevgi
  • Netherlands – Elcan – Ana vatan
  • Northern Cyprus
  • Moldova – Polina Stefoglo – Yallah Yallah!
  • Poland – Olga Shimanskaya – Masal gibui du dunya
  • Romania – Sunai Giolacai
  • Sandzak
  • Stavropol Krai
  • Sweden – Arghavan – Dircalis
  • Tatarstan
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine – Natalie Papazoglu – Tikenli yol
  • Yakutia

Source: Tamadalar Group

Kyrgyzstan debuted in the Turkvision Song Contest in 2013 and is one of just a handful of countries to have qualified for every final. At the first contest in 2013 Kyrgzstan was represented by the group Coro and the song “Tooluk kyz”, they went on to finish 8th in the final scoring 183 points. In 2015 Kyrgyzstan won the contest represented by Jiidesh and her song “Kim Bilet”, she scored 194 points, 9 points more than runners-up Kazakhstan.
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